dec. 2, ’17

the day is cool and clear, mostly all sun with a little bit of rain as you drive through some spots of town. the breeze blows kind and eager, pushing the tattered flag back and forth back and forth. it’s a strange side of town to see the striped flag flying old and beat in a private backyard. then again, maybe its location explains while it’s still flying in such a beat-up shape instead of having been retired long ago according to the proper protocol.

dragonflies whiz by, adding a bit of enchantment to the scene as my eyes wander down the alleyway behind the coffee shop i frequent on saturday mornings – but so do flies.


there are things to do today, tedious tasks that i do not want to face. tedious tasks feel daunting on a day like this. on a day like this, i want to wander down that alleyway and see where it takes me.

like a child, i want to walk down unknown roads, forgotten by this world, and discover new ones.

there are things to do today, daunting tedious tasks that do not fit in such a cool-and-clear, mostly-all-sun-with-a-little-bit-of-rain kind of day.

but that’s not true, is it?

any kind of task can fit in any kind of day if i can make it so.

i can still see the dragonflies going deeper and deeper into the alleyway, but with a silly little ache in my chest, i turn away.

i have some daunting tedious tasks to face.

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