new year resolutions

i turn 25 in 2 days. a quarter of a century.

ever the sensitive little spirit, i felt a change in the air last saturday, as if my body knew that another year was coming to an end for me, another one about to begin, as if 24 felt threatened and was trying to hold on and stay.

even though i live in south texas and the heat’s been holding strong here at a steady 95 degrees, the air smelled like fall to me – the death of old, and the birth of new. the warm breeze that blew in last weekend brought with it a strange meditative air that filled my bones with something sorrowful and hopeful all at once. part of it may have been the chaos and tragedy that was unfolding just a few hours away, but i have to admit that i know a lot of it was my own turmoil. it was a messy and frightening couple of days. but grace is kind and good and will not leave me alone.

many thoughts have filled my mind in the days that have followed, and i hope to share them here in the weeks to come. but there is one thing in particular that i want to do today.

i think (ever testing… dipping my toes) i want to set some resolutions of a sort for my new year. a quarter of a century is a long time, you know. i think i take that for granted. a year is a full gift. 25 is a wonder to me.

and so, in gratitude, i want this year to be my kindest yet.

i want to be kinder to my mind this year.

kinder to my body.

kinder to my spirit.

i want to be kinder to my jesus.

kinder to his earth.

i want to be kinder to the spaces i inhabit.

kinder to those i love who are far.

kinder to those i love who are near.

thank you, friends, for the big and small ways that you have softened life for me and made it richer. thank you, life, for being ravishing and mysterious and such a beautiful adventure of learning grace, grace, grace. i am so so grateful. may this year make me softer, yet, and more grateful.

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