there is room for everyone here

and when there isn’t – I am making room

this is a wilderness,

but it is taking shape

this body-spirit-home is taking shape

this body-spirit-soul is becoming home

there is a long way to go,

but even now – every breath,

every beat –

we are


Taking shape.

Making space.


The girl shrugged her shoulders, pulling the coat tighter around her arms. “I don’t know,” she said with both affection and slight irritation in her eyes. “I kind of like my little wilderness.”

The man cocked a wild, speckled eyebrow at the girl. He looked to and from the thick brush that spilled onto her backyard from the dark woods.
“That’s not wilderness, girl. That’s confusion, entanglement, a parasitical madness.”

This is for the braveΒ ones, the seekers, the persisters – in their wildΒ and in their wilder.